Adding a Text module above a Section

The Text above Sections feature allows you to easily add additional verbiage in a prominent place. This article explains how to turn on an optional Text/HTML module above most Section types. 


Choose a Section Type

After you have configured your site (or a single page) with a sections layout, choose any desired section except the Headline section:


Navigate to the Section settings

This can be done initially once you have inserted the desired section or once you have worked on it. 


Turn on the Additional Text option

You will find the Additional Text option under the Design tab for every section except for the Headline section.


Add content inside the Text/HTML module

The Additional Text option will place a Text/HTML module above the section. This can be added the same way a regular Text/HTML module can. 

In the example above, the Additional Text option was added to a Tabs section using the Lucca theme. 

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