How to access your eCatholic LIVE Portal

Once you've activated eCatholic LIVE on your website, logging into your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal is simple, thanks to the single sign-on process.

The eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal is where you can schedule broadcasts, create players, configure integrations, and much more.

Here's what you need to do to log in to your eCatholic LIVE Portal:


Log in to your eCatholic website

Simply go to your website and log in with your eCatholic user credentials.


Click on Live Streaming in the Product Menu

To access your eCatholic LIVE portal, log in to your website, click the down caret next to Websites in the upper left hand corner, and select Live Streaming.

Don't see the Live Streaming button in your Product Menu? Use the link below to assign users permission to access the eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal. If you're not an Admin on your site, contact one of your site's Admins to request access to the eCatholic LIVE Portal.

Next step: Schedule a broadcast

Learn how to use the eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal to easily  schedule a live broadcast!

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