How to schedule a YouTube Live Broadcast

With eCatholic LIVE, it's simple to effortlessly publish your live videos to your website and YouTube Live at the same time. Here's what you need to do to schedule a YouTube Live broadcast.

NOTE: Before scheduling an event to broadcast to YouTube, you must first enable YouTube integration with your eCatholic LIVE account.


Go to your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal

 To access your eCatholic LIVE portal, log in to your website, click the down caret next to Websites in the upper left hand corner, and select Live Streaming.


Access your Broadcast Schedule to add a broadcast

Once in your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal:

  1. Go to eCatholic LIVE Tasks > Broadcast Schedule (pictured below).

  2. Once the Scheduler opens, use the Add a Broadcast drop-down menu to select one of the following options (pictured below):

    • Add a 1-time broadcast
    • Add a repeating broadcast
    • Add a simulated-live broadcast

    NOTE: A  simulated-live broadcast is a live stream of a video file from your on-demand archives. To put it another way, it's a "live" broadcast of something that isn't actually happening live.

Schedule the broadcast, define your settings, and enable YouTube syndication

Next, edit the following settings for your broadcast. In particular, you must:

  1. Set YouTube Live Syndication to Yes.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select the YouTube Channel to which you want to broadcast.
  3. Set the YouTube Privacy setting to Public or Private.

Summary of Broadcast Settings

  • Day of Week - Select the day of the week a recurring broadcast should occur (Recurring Broadcasts only)
  • Start Time - Enter the time you’d like the live broadcast to begin.
  • End Time - Enter the time the live broadcast should end.
  • Title - Enter the title of the live broadcast.
  • Category - Select a category from the drop-down list.
    • Categories can help organize your on-demand archives. You can manage your categories in the Archive Management section of the Admin Portal.
  • Viewer Access - Select whether you’d like the broadcast to be Public or Private.
    • If set to Private, you will be prompted to enter a Passcode viewers must use to view the broadcast and specify whether you'd like to Show or Hide the broadcast from your Broadcast Schedule.
  • Facebook Live - Select whether you’d like the live broadcast to be published on Facebook Live.
  • YouTube Live - Select whether you’d like the live broadcast to be published on YouTube Live.

Once finished, click Add Broadcast. The live broadcast will then be added to your streaming schedule, and it will seamlessly broadcast on YouTube Live as well!

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