Broadcast Analytics Overview

With eCatholic LIVE's Broadcast Analytics you have insight into all aspects of your account's viewership. From this section of the eCatholic LIVE Portal you can see how many viewers watched live and on-demand content, what type of devices they were using to view your content, how long they viewed content and where they viewed content from.

To access your Broadcast Analytics dashboard:

  1. Click the LIVE tab on your eCatholic website to log in to your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal
  2. Once there, go to eCatholic LIVE tasks > Viewer Analytics.

Here's a breakdown of what you'll find in your eCatholic LIVE Broadcast Analytics dashboard:


Summary & Breakdown (last 30 days)

The first section of your Broadcast Analytics dashboard provides two graphs displaying all account activity from the last 30 days. These graphs will display the amount of Live and On-demand viewers for every broadcast within that time frame both by Unique and Total Views. Hover over portions of the graph to see exact viewer counts for specific broadcasts.


Date Search & Event Search

The next section of the Broadcast Analytics dashboard allows you to:

  1. Search for analytics over a specific range of dates (Date Search),
  2. Search for a specific event by name and/or date range (Event Search).

Once you complete your Date Search or Event Search, you'll be able to view the following data:

  • See a map of viewer locations over the specified date range (pictured below).

  • Get a breakdown of Unique Viewers, Total Views, and Hours Consumed (pictured below).

  • View a  Unique Viewer Report (pictured below) and Total Views Report for the specified date range (or export the report to CSV)

  • View a By Minute Breakdown (pictured below) of viewership for an event - available via Event Search only.


Compare Dates and Events

You can also compare viewer analytics for a range of dates or events in your eCatholic LIVE Broadcast Analytics dashboard.

This analysis will help you easily determine how much your viewership is growing. Check out Compare dates and events to see viewership trends for complete instructions.

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