Online Giving landing page template

As you launch your online giving program, it's important to have a "home base;" a single page on your website to which you can direct people to get the information they need. It's important to make it as easy as possible for donors to get started with online giving!


  1. Online giving landing page ideas
  2. Sample online giving landing page (built with a Sections layout) - Recommended!
  3. Sample online giving landing page (built with a Standard layout)

Don't forget! Your primary resource for a successful launch of eCatholic Online Giving & Payments is the eCatholic Success Manager who is available to help you utilize these customizable resources and more. To contact your Success Manager and learn how they can help with your specific needs, please email [email protected] or click here to schedule a time to chat!


Online giving landing page ideas

Here are some elements you should consider adding to your online giving landing page:

  1. Provide a brief explanation of online giving
  2. Include a donation form via which donors can make their first one-time or recurring gift
  3. Outline a few frequently asked questions about online giving
  4. Assign the page a short, memorable URL (sometimes called a page alias) directly on your organization's website - e.g.,
  5. List contact information of parish staff donors can use to get more information/ask questions (Hint: Use the People module)
  6. Link to landing pages for other giving opportunities/campaigns to which people can contribute (Hint: Use the Buttons module)
  7. Post stories of how gifts will be used or examples of how parish ministries are making a positive impact in the community (Hint: Use the News module

Want help creating your online giving landing page?

Contact us at [email protected] and we can help you create an online giving landing page on your eCatholic site!


Sample online giving landing page (built with a sections layout)

We recommend building your online giving landing page using a sections layout. Using a sections layout will help you build a beautiful landing page with digestible, clear, organized content.


Sample online giving landing page (built with a standard page layout)

If you can't use a sections layout to build your online giving landing page (explained above), here's an example of how your page can look with a standard layout.

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