Email notifications for eCatholic Payments

eCatholic Payments helps simplify communication between admins and donors through automatic email notifications. These notifications provide transaction status updates, expiring credit card alerts, and more.

Here is a list of all email messages sent to donors and admins as part of the service:

Both one-time and recurring gift donors

  1. Approved transaction / donor receipt - If your eCatholic Payments admin has turned on the Email Receipt to Donors setting for a Donations form, donors will receive an email notification of their transaction (as well as a customizable Donor Receipt Message).
  2. Declined transaction - Whether a payment method is locked or is expired, donors making one-time gifts will be notified if their transaction is declined. Donors making a recurring gift will be notified if they are unable to set up a recurring gift because their card was declined. 
  3. Approved voids and refunds - When contacted, account admins can void or refund gifts if a donor makes an error while submitting. Donors will then be notified when the void and refund has been processed.

Recurring gift donors only

  1. New account creation - Recurring gift donors have an option to create an account for managing their gift. This occurs after a gift is sent using an online form where the type of gift selected is “recurring.” After the form is submitted and the recurring gift is accepted, the donor will then receive an email with instructions for setting up an account. (If a donor chooses not to create an account, their recurring gift will still continue.)

    NOTE: To encourage donors to create a recurring gift account, admins are also able to send account creation emails from their Payments account.
  2. Recurring donation email receipts - Donors with recurring payments will receive email receipts for every settled transaction charged to their donor account. Each email will include a link to the account login page if the donor wishes to update the status of these email receipts or their recurring donation information.

    NOTE: Beginning July 2020, the status of email receipts for every new recurring donor will be defaulted to ON. The status of any recurring donors prior to July 2020 will be defaulted to OFF but can be activated at any time in the Donor Details.
  3. Expiring credit card - Recurring gift donors will receive an email notification at the beginning of the month their account credit card is set to expire. The email will include a link to an account login page for easily updating payment information. Those without an account will be provided a one-time login link to make their changes.

    NOTE: If a donor allows a credit card to expire, their recurring gift will stop and a new recurring gift will need to be created in order for the contribution to continue.

eCatholic Payments admins

  1. New recurring gift - This email notifies account admins when a new recurring gift has been created.
  2. Changes to recurring gift - This email notifies account admins when a donor has made a change to the total or frequency of a recurring gift the organization had been receiving.

  3. Unprocessed voids or refunds - This email only notifies account admins when a refund or void did not process. Admins can then run the transaction again or personally reach out to a donor for more information.
  4. Expiring credit card - Admins will receive an email notification at the beginning of the month when a donor's account credit card is set to expire. The email will include a link to a Help Center doc that provides steps on how to help donors when their recurring donation is about to expire.
  5. Recurring transaction failures/errors - Admins will receive an email notification in the event that an established recurring transaction attempts to process, but results in an error or decline. Admins can follow the advice in the email for the particular issue the recurring transaction encountered.

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