How to add photos to your website

Want to add photos to your website but don't know where to start? 

Incorporating images in your website is a great idea! Here are some ways you can add photos to your website using the eCatholic platform. Each method serves a particular purpose, so before jumping in, step back and consider which of the options below would work best for what you're trying to accomplish.

PRO TIP: All image files uploaded to eCatholic websites must be below 20MB. Reduced file sizes ensure quick-loading images and improves performance on your website. For tips and resources on how to reduce the file size of your images, read How to reduce image file sizes.


Homepage Feature Region

This is probably the most noticeable and highly-trafficked area to which you can add photos on your website. Use it to your advantage (and use it wisely)!

  • Make sure the images in your homepage feature region are informative and/or link to more information.
  • Limit the number of photos you insert and change them periodically.

Learn more: Managing your homepage feature region

For detailed instructions on how to add photos to your homepage feature region plus other tips, check out Managing your homepage feature region.


Photo Albums module + Gallery module

These two related modules allows you to create albums of photos. Therefore, if you have 15 photos from your Lenten Fish Fry that you'd like to post on your website, one of these modules will help you get the job done.

The difference between these modules is the manner in which the photos are displayed. With the Photo Albums module, your photos display in a simple album format. The Gallery module allows you to display your images in a slideshow format on your site’s interior pages.

Here are some other advantages to using the Photo Albums or Gallery modules:

  • Allows large numbers of photos to be grouped/organized into albums and easily viewed.
  • All albums added to your site automatically appear on the "Photo Albums" page of your website (which is listed under the "News/Events" tab by default). This gives users a one-stop location for all your site's photos!

Learn more: Creating Photo Albums + Galleries

For detailed instructions on how to create albums using the Photo Albums Module, take a look at Photo Albums module - How it works.

To learn how to create Gallery Photo Albums, see Gallery module - How it works.


Text/HTML module

If you're typing paragraphs of text and want to break them up a bit, inserting a photo into a Text/HTML module is a wise option. You can easily choose to have your text "wrap" around the photo and can also set photos to be links (which will allow users to click on the photo and be directed to an external website, another page within your own website, or a PDF document).

Learn more: How to insert a photo into a Text module

For detailed instructions, go to How to insert and link a photo using the Text/HTML Module.

More ways to add photos

Here are a few more ways you can incorporate images into your site:

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Resources for better images

We've posted a number of helpful articles related to photography and how to capture and create beautiful images for your website. Check it out!

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