Inviting members to subscribe to text messages

In order to send text messages, your organization needs members to opt in to receive text messages.

Connect makes it simple for your organization to invite members to subscribe to receive your text messages and obtain the required permission to send texts. Here are the steps:

Text messaging in Connect is currently in beta. If you'd like to access these features, sign up for the beta waitlist at If you're already an active user of Connect, contact us at [email protected] to request early access to texting in your Connect organization.

1 - Activate texting

Go to the Home screen and locate the Turn on text messages box and click Enable.

Then, click to Start Texting Trial or Set up Twilio.

For full instructions, see: Turn on text messaging

2 - Invite Members

Once texting has been activated for your organization, you'll see an Invite Members button in the Text Message Settings section of the Manage Organization screen.

Click the Invite Members button, then click Send Invites.

Then, all your existing organization members will receive an email invitation to subscribe to text messages from your organization. The invites will be delivered to all existing members who a) are in the Accepted status and b) have not yet subscribed to receive texts.

PRO TIP: To maximize your ability to get members to subscribe to text messages, send the SMS invites after you have imported members into your organization.

How new members subscribe to texts

The send invites feature detailed above invites only existing members to subscribe to texts. However, once you have activated texting for your organization, newly added members will be able to subscribe to texts as well.

Here's how it works:

1 - You a) add a member or b) the member joins your organization by submitting their information on your website.

2 - The member receives an email where they confirm their intent to join the organization and subscribe to emails you send.

3 - The member clicks the button to join and subscribe to emails, then is redirected to a screen where they will see the option to sign up for text messages.

4 - The member can click Sign Up for Texts to get subscribed to text messages.

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