How to format your message in Connect

With eCatholic Connect, format your messages with our easy-to-use toolbar that contains powerful features to help you create beautiful and engaging messages.

Here's a complete list of currently supported message formatting features:

Text / font formatting

  1. Change font
  2. Change font size
  3. Change text color
  4. Bold text
  5. Italicize text
  6. Underline text
  7. Align text (left, center, right)
  8. Create numbered list
  9. Create bulleted list

Elements that can be inserted in a message

Click an item to learn more about how to add it to a message.

  1. Insert a column layout
    1. 2 column (50/50, 75/25, 25/75)
    2. 3 column (equal width, 25/50/25) 
    3. 4 column (equal width)
  2. Insert Divider / horizontal line / section break
  3. Add image
  4. Insert variable
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Full Name
  5. Attach file
  6. Add link
  7. Insert button

Editing your messages

While editing messages in Connect, you may hover over a particular heading, paragraph, or column layout to reveal:

  • A handle that will allow you to drag and drop the item to a different position within the message
  • A trash can that will allow you to delete the entire element (applies to column layouts only)

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